Friday, August 7, 2009

Pre Paid Lightyear wireless Press release

$59.99 Unlimited WIRELESS CALLING launchestoday
Lightyear Wireless, a subsidiary of Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC based in Louisville, Ky. is announcing an unprecedented new offering – Unlimited prepaid wireless service for $59.99. At a time when most cell phone customers are regularly paying more than $100 for service, Lightyear has found a way to help them save money and make money!
Prepaid wireless is the fastest growing segment of the wireless industry and Lightyear Wireless has positioned its self in front of this growth with the introduction of Unlimited prepaid wireless. Experts predict that by the end of 2009, 41 million customers in the U.S. will have prepaid wireless and will be spending more than $22 billion per year.
An increasing number of phone customers are getting rid of their land line phones in favor of cell phones because they are cheaper and they can take them wherever they want. To save even more money, these customers are switching from regular post-paid contract cell phone service to prepaid wireless service. With the new $59.99 Unlimited Prepaid Wireless Service offering, Lightyear Wireless is in the perfect position to tap into this new prepaid wireless revenue.
In preparation of the prepaid wireless launch, Lightyear Wireless is projected to spend at least $1 million on phone inventory.
Lightyear currently employees more that 100 full-time people at the corporate headquarters in Louisville. Employees are being cross-trained to service and support the new wireless customers as well as keeping track of inventory and shipment of phones.
Lightyear Wireless is a wholesale provider of wireless service with some of the nation’s largest and most popular networks. Lightyear ships and activates the phones, bills and services the customers and uses partner networks to deliver calls the via their networks.
"The wireless industry is a $140 billion annual business that is growing every year. Lightyear has been offering telecommunications services (local phone service, long distance service, internet access, etc.) to residential and business customers since 1993" said Josh Henderson, President of Lightyear Wireless. "We have never been more excited about a product than Lightyear Wireless. Nearly everyone has a cell phone or wants one and we are giving customers a unique service offering and it’s all being done right here in Louisville."
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Thursday, May 7, 2009


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Monday, April 6, 2009

Lightyear Wireless- A Story That Has Never Been Told

Lightyear Wireless Pre-Paid wireless pre launch

Lightyear Wireless has announced a pre-launch for its new pre-paid wireless service. Pre-paid wireless was up last year about 19% to 49.5 million users due to the economy and people not willing to sign long 2 year contracts. If you are looking for a recession proof business you should consider Lightyear Wireless, and cash in on the explosion!

Monthly plans that start as low as $20.
Monthly plans that include FREE nights and weekends that start as low as $49.99.
Unlimited nationwide calling for $79.99.
• Great features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-way Calling and Voicemail included
• Add minutes when you run out
• Text Messaging, 3G Web Service, Picture Mail, Ringtones and other great packages also available
• Available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico!
Get your position today!
This product will launch June 1, 2009!
email... for information on becoming a Representative of Lightyear Wireless

Lightyear Wireless Sherm Henderson picked as Executive of the year!

Phone+ Magazine shows that our Commander and Chief Sherm Henderson Of Lightyear Network Solutions, Lightyear Wirelesss parent company has been voted as Executive of the year. Good Job Sherm we are proud of you and thank full you are our Commander and Chief

Lightyear Wireless Second Quarter Bonus requirements

Manager to Regional Manager in 30 days

Step One:
Get promoted to Regional Manager in your first 30 days!

Step Two: Get $1,500 in total downline revenue within your first three calendar months and earn a $500 bonus on the big commission run following the 20th of the month after the month you actually bill $1,500. For example, if you start on January 5th, promote to Regional Manager on February 1st, and bill $1,500 in total downline revenue for the month of April 2009, we would pay you a $500 bonus on the first Tuesday following May 2009 (May 26, 2009).
NOTE: You must bill $1,500 in total downline revenue in your first 3 calendar months.